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Earn upto $15.00 for 1000 Views!

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Earn money by hosting and sharing your videos using StreamHub & earn 20% extra revenue from our refferal system.

Earn a upto $15.00 for every 1000 views you get on your videos along with downloads on the file too! The payment amount is defined by the origin country referred to in the Tier table above.

Free premium accounts are provided for our genuine uploaders and VIP Webmasters, please contact us via Email if you are interested: [email protected]

  • Minimum payout amount is just $40.00.
  • Views are counted upto 3 within 24 hours per user/ip.
  • Legal Adult content is allowed to be uploaded.
  • For free users inactive files will be deleted after 35 days & Premium users files will be deleted after 100 days. If you want files to never delete, please contact us and we will provide it to you. If you're a Webmaster.
  • Maximum file upload size is 20GB for free users & 50GB for Premium users.
  • Earn extra revenue from our Affiliates program, earn 25% from using your Referral link!
  • Currently our payment methods that you can select from: Bitcoin, USDT TRC20, LTC, ETH, Payoneer. (We are working on adding PayPal)
  • Payout requests are processed within 72hrs hours. Sometimes can take upto 1 week max. (If the date falls on a Holiday then will be processed the day after the Holiday ends.)
  • Option to force users to disable their adblocker. No more freeloading of your great content.
  • Share your video to all markets & countries, including China!

Any attempts to gain revenue with misleading or other unethical methods will result in your account being terminated.

Partners must agree & abide with our Terms and Conditions and the Copyright Policy. Failure to do may result in a temporary or permanent suspension of your account.