Frequently Asked Auestions

  • What is StreamHub?
    StreamHubStreamhub is a video hosting service were you can upload videos, & earn money!

  • Why should I use StreamHub?
    Whenever you need to share a video, StreamHub can help.
    We optimize the quality & size of your videos, and make them playable. So you can start watching videos quickly without downloading.

  • Are there any Bandwidth Limitations?
    No, we do not limit any Bandwidth or speeds.

  • What files can be uploaded?
    All video format files are allowed, The only restrictions are for child porn.

  • Do you remove Inactive files?
    Yes, for free users it will removed after 40 days and for premium/VIP users, videos will never be removed.

  • What payment methods do you have?
    Currently we have 4 payout methods, Payoneer, Bitcoin, Ethereum & USDT. We are working on adding more methods soon.

  • Can I upload adult/porn videos?
    Yes you can upload porn videos but make sure it applies with the law.

  • What can I upload videos?
    You can upload your videos via browser or Remote URL & API, FTP.

  • How can I acuire more Storage Space?
    You can aquire more Storage by purchasing a Premium Plan, which will give you unlimited storage. We also offer Unlimited Storage to Webmasters too, If you are a Webmaster, please contact us via our Contact page.
    This way you can get VIP Benefits without purchasing Premium.

  • What is the Max File Size that I can upload?
    The current Max File Size is 25GB for free users. Premium/VIP Webmaster users will have 50GB.

  • What file types can I upload?
    You can upload all the follow video formats, avi, mkv, mpg, mpeg, vob, wmv, flv, mp4, mov, m4v, m2v, 3gp, webm, ogv, ogg

  • I still have questions!
    Don't hesitate to contact us using our contact page.